Lower Fuel Costs & Manage A Better Business

WaveCONTROLS offer a complete line of GPS Tracking systems to optimize your fleet operations. View employee's locations and whereabouts in real time and even optimze schedules based on current work status and traffic conditions. Historical data allows you to gather data from the field to improve driver habits and simplify payroll and other back-office processes.  Improve service levels, lower fuel and labor costs, increase safety and employee accountability! Call us today toll free at: 1-866-282-3828


                   Let us help you lower fuel costs, increase employee productivity and improve service goals.


      - Interested in upgrading your phone tracking system? We have a full range of solutions to help improve your business, from high quality GPS Tracking devices for cars and trucks to portable personal GPS Trackers.


      - Simple GPS Tracking systems not enough? Our GPS Tracking solutions have advanced features such as real-time customer portals, field service manangement and dispatch functionality.  Call us today to find out how you can save moeney and ensure that your employees will have the right tools to meet their service goals!


      - Looking to differentiate your business and improve customer retention? Take advantage of our fully customizable customer web portals with so your customers stay up-to-date at all times.

 Simple, Powerful,

Reliable, Affordable!


Saves Time & Money





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