Customer Testimonials


Sea Shield Marine, Inc.

Shelly Lopez: We have been with Wavecontrols GPS Tracking System for almost 3 years and have been complete happy with the service. Before this service we were unable to track our driver and monitor his stops and now all that information is at our finger tips. At times when there have been little glitches in the service, WaveControls was right there to fix the problem. This has been a great company to work with.


Speedi Oriti

Jeff Oriti: Wavecontrols GPS Tracking service has allowed me to have peace of mind because now I can see where everyone is at all the time. Because all the employees know that they are being tracked, it improved everyone's work ethic and makes everyone more truthful. This in turn improves trust and communication between management and employees, which in turn creates comraderie and a better work environment. Instead of questioning drivers, we now know exactly what is going on and why they may be delayed. In fact, by being alble to place the drivers' exact location at all times on top of a real time traffic map, we are now able to know estimated arrival times better than even the drivers themselves! The historical maps are also of great use to us in providing better service to our customers as we are no longer reliant on just driver recollections of what time they arrived and left a particular job on a certain day.


West Covina Unified School District

Dee L Lew: As a new incoming Supervisor here at the West Covina Unified School District, it was important that I demonstrated to them that I had tools and resources available to me to be able to monitor the fleet. Small businesses constantly need to be productive and efficient for the sake of both money and time. For a public school district, the very same concepts can be key for a department that is fighting cost-cutting measures and budget constraints.

GPS tracking technology is a very valuable resource in this respect, and WCUSD utilizes a wide variety of features that we take advantage of, from communication to management and everything in between GPS trackers can provide. The value of communication between the WCUSD, transportation, and the surroundings cannot be emphasized enough. GPS tracking technology makes communication easy, effective and safe. Custom real-time routing makes it easier for drivers to get from point A to point B. They can even include recommendations from drivers on ways to navigate specific routes or areas.Traffic reporting provides up-to-the-minute traffic conditions so that vehicles can be rerouted easily and effectively. This helps fleets avoid congested roads, spend less time in traffic, and save money both in time and gas.

With the price of oil currently on the rise, finding ways to increase efficiency and save fuel is of paramount importance us. Even with a small fleets any savings is quickly realized. The historical tracking capabilities of GPS tracking chronology helps the district stay ahead by recording and analyzing details quickly and efficiently.

Better management of the fleet can result in saved time, saved fuel, and saved money. The GPS software tracks our fleets driving history, recording the number of routes and time efficiency of routes, drivers, and vehicles. The GPS software has provided me valuable details and has made it more efficient to determine if it take three right turns rather than wait for a left turn signal GPS software has provided that information and much more. I as the Supervisor have managed my drivers more efficiently. Also automated time sheets reduce the chance of errors and give drivers less paperwork to worry and to cut back certain bad driver habits and yet has saved the district more money in the long run.


Langers Juice Company

WaveControls monitoring system is used to ensure safety, increase driver productivity and improve driving habits.


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