Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does purchasing an extra service (GPS Tracking Service from waveControls) save us money?

A: The main costs of operating a fleet are: Gas, Insurance and Labor. Adding GPS Tracking to your fleet will enable you to save money month to month by lowering your insurance premiums (which in many cases will cover more than half of our monthly service charges). It will also help discourage employees from making as many unauthorized "side trips", which in turn will reduce your gas/fuel expenses and increase productivity, thereby reducing labor costs. Most of our customers experience anywhere from 12% to 18% drop in their monthly fuel expenditures.


Q: How hard is it to install the device on our vehicles?

A: Installation is very easy and can either be done as a DIY installation process, or we can send an installer from one of our installation network to come and do the installation for you (typically about $30 per vehicle). For DIY installation, many users will choose to purchase the WC1A-OBD which features a very simple plug-and-play 30 second installation process (the GPS tracking device literally just plugs into the vehicle's OBD-II port which is located below the steering wheel in all vehicles sold in the USA from 1997 and above). For a completely discreet installation process, most users will prefer to purchase the WC1A. The WC1A features a simple 2 wire installation procedure. Essentially, red wire goes to power and the red wire to ground. We also include an extra white wire that can be used to either monitor idling or it can optionally be plugged into the vehicle's on-board alarm system.


Q: What are some of the additional features that your GPS tracking system offers?

A: We provide many customized solutions such as the ability to monitor tow truck and other customized equipment actuators, refrigeration units. We can include inventory management and even do custom integration work with your back office systems. We can even built customized web portals for your customers or suppliers so they can track their own orders. We have solutions that includes handheld tablet/phone integration, barcode and RFID scanning and even dedicated mobile terminals.


Q: Can anyone else access my account?

A: No, you are given your own unique username and password to access your vehicle's tracking information.


Q: How many vehicles can I track at one time and how many people can track the vehicles at the same time?

A: Because everything is web based, you can easily have any number of managers view the company's tracking information at the same time from anywhere around the world where they have internet access. As for the number of vehicles that you can track using a single login, there are no technical limitations to having 200 or 500 or even 1000 vehicles on the same screen at the same time. That said, one should be aware of practical limitations of having 1000 vehicles on one screen at the same time. Give us a call and we can help you define business rules to ensure your fleet management success.


Q: Ok I'm convinced but I have some additional questions. What should I do next?

A: Give us a call at 1-866-282-3828 or at 1-626-888-1830. We have the expertise and experience to help provide you with a complete fleet management solution.


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